Reese Allen

My run with drugs started when I was fifteen. I had a lot going for me and my life was really great, before, I started dabbling with things I had no business messing with. After high school, I completely went down hill loosing everything including a baseball career that I had dreamed of since I was a little boy. I had been living the party life for 7 years, when I realized I was  spiritually dead. I had absolutely no drive, nor hope for a better future.  I thank God for sending one of my buddies to me, with a Hope House card. I came into the Hope House on July 23 of 2015. Since that day, my life has taken a drastic turn, for the better. God has restored my relationship with my family, given me a beautiful wife, beautiful kids, and a beautiful life, serving God and others! Glory be to God who is the most high, and is in the business of restoring!