Nathan Bryant

I have struggled with alcohol and drugs for 18 years. April 3, 2016 I hit a new low, even for me. I was at "rock bottom". My wife called pastor Ed Chapman and proceeded to tell him that I was on my way. She was going to drop me off at the Hope House and divorce me. For the next few weeks, I dropped to my knees, surrendering my heart to God. I turned to him in prayer and fasting. I repented of my sins. In this, God saved my soul. He breathed life into these dry bones and delivered me from the chains, and bondage, of alcoholism and drug addiction! As for me and my house, two years later, we are still serving the Lord! I have experienced full restoration in my home, with my wife, my children, my relationships, jobs, and finances. I have learned that only God can provide such restoration. All the money In the world cannot buy love, joy, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control and peace that surpasses all understanding! God has definitely pulled me out of that hog pen that the world has to offer, which is death and misery! He has set my feet upon the rock of salvation! He has put a new song of praise in my mouth! 


Today I am very much "plugged in" to my church, Living Hope Outreach ,here in Hamilton. I am the multi-media man in the sound booth, one of the assistant pastors, and I lead bible studies at the Hope House. I truly give all the glory and honor to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.