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Lynn Rountree

I grew up in a normal, middle-class home in a very small town in south east Texas.  I had a deep, deep sense of needing to earn approval. 

I was married and pregnant by 14. I had 4 children by the age of 25. I was a proverbial life-sucking vacuum. I was so needy, begging in a sense, every person I met to love me. 

Life happened and with my lack of self-worth, 1 divorce under my belt, and a gnawing internal hunger for attention, I began using speed pills which graduated to cocaine which graduated to crystal meth. 

By the time I hit rock bottom I was on my 3rd marriage. I had lost my kids, because I was a selfish mother who chose drugs over her children. 

One night, after my ex-husband went to jail, I came home to where my kids were living with my mom. My 8-year-old daughter invited me to church in Meridian, Texas. Out of guilt, I went. 

I met the Lord there and I cried out every pain, hurt and offense I had ever committed. I had NEVER seen or known this kind of love before!! It filled me to the very core of my being. 

Even with my newfound love and faith, I went back to my old lifestyle; but, it was different this time. IT HURT me, on the inside, to do wrong.

Three years later the Lord delivered me from every addiction!!! 

Meth, crack, cocaine, pills, alcohol, and dating for the wrong reasons, GONE, overnight in November of 2010. Then in January of 2011, He took my cigarette addiction ( I handed it ALL to Him. )

I have been clean, sober and single, serving Him ever since. 

I work at Rountree Appliance, at my brothers business, here in Hamilton. I was driving back and forth for six years, from Meridian to Hamilton.  Four of those years, I prayed for God to allow me to move to Hamilton, and asked Him to allow me to change churches, to Living Hope Outreach. In September of 2017, the Lord said GO! Before I even got to town, I had a house waiting for me and a church family waiting with open arms. They truly are my family!

I have a heart for discipleship, and seeing maturity develope in the Body of Christ. My focus is on Women and Leaders. Unity is key!!!

I am passionate about loving others and developing relationships. I am blessed to do prison ministry and encourage anyone who can, to step out and do so, as well.

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