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Debbie Bailey

My name is Debbie Bailey. I have been in recovery for nine and a half years.  I was on drugs for eighteen. I lost two beautiful daughters through my addiction and put my son through so much for the first nine years of his life. The day my mama called me and asked me to come home was the day I got sober. I gave my life to the Lord and He delivered me from my own destruction. I then married an amazing man, Howard Bailey. We went through some hard times with his addiction. The first five years were really rough, but God has restored our marriage. Howard went through the Hope House and through the love, grace, and forgiveness that God has so freely given us, we are now serving Him wholeheartedly.

I know both sides of addiction. Let me just say, it has not been easy, and I could not have done it without Jesus Christ. Today, I thank him for always being with me in the trails of life.

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