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Leighla McMurray

My name is Leighla McMurray. Like most people who are in recovery, my life was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and chaos, in some form, since birth. Many of my family members were addicts. I do not remember ever feeling calm or peaceful. I believe that is what created, in me, a desire to be in control of my own chaos.

By the age of 14, I had tried and loved every drink or drug that I could get my hands on. By the time I was 17, I had achieved full blown addiction. At 21, I became pregnant, I stopped using, and got married. I did my best to be a good mother and wife; all the while, partying every weekend. Several years of that behavior caught up to me. It was only after a trip to prison, several treatment centers, in patient and out, a failed marriage, the loss of my precious son, and the feelings of total disgrace from failing everyone who loved me, that I cried out to God! He met me on a holding cell floor in 2008. There he calmed the storm I had created, and I have never looked back!

God has restored and redeemed every relationship that was broken, including my relationship with my son. He has given me an amazing, God-fearing husband who has his own testimony. He has given me a beautiful daughter! He has even set people in my life who have helped me grow in the Lord. He has given me such and intense desire to serve Him, by loving the lost and broken women He loves, and showing them that a relationship with God is all that truly matters. Nothing, and no one can replace the emptiness except God. He has taken my chaos and turned it into peace.

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