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Sarah Johnson

My name is Sarah Johnson. I am married to Alvin Johnson and we have two kids Samantha 10 and Harlon 7. I lived with Alvin's addiction for 8 years. I was in denial for 7 of those years. I didn't think he had a problem. I just thought he needed the pain pills for his back. That maybe he did really lose $200s in the parking lot. Maybe he did sell all of my precious belongings because we really needed the money. That maybe he lost his job again because of the boss. That maybe one time he did meth (that I knew about at the time) wasn't bad. Then the lies were out of control. I couldn't believe it, I was living with a full blown addict. I left him when he finally went to the Hope House I was so mad at him and God. I was even an atheist for over a year. When I walked into Living Hope outreach church I could feel the presence of God. And right then I knew God was real. The out pouring of love and support from everyone in the church was just amazing. I never felt so loved. I have made some of the best life long friends who'd do anything for me. No matter what time or what day my friend's will be there for me. Alvin has been sober for a little over 2 years. And we are living proof that God can conquer anything if you let him.  If you need someone to talk to. Don't hesitate to talk to me or any of the ladies in the church. We are here with open arms. God bless.

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