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Joni Hass

Kevin and I both suffered from addiction for multiple years and it had consumed our lives and our family. In May of 2016, Kevin and I split up once again due to his abusive ways. Once again he was arrested for domestic violence, our lives at that point was a cycle of splitting up, getting back together, staying sober for a few months at a time, then tearing it all apart again with drug use and infidelity. After his arrest in May, I had made up my mind there is no more back and forth, I was done trying to make it work, and begging him to stay sober and faithful. After he was arrested, I began heavily using meth. My heart was broken and my soul was shattered, I was so angry with God for not "fixing" Kevin. I felt betrayed by God as if he was not answering my prayers. My meth use ended July of 2016 when I had used some bad meth and landed myself in the hospital for a night. Two days after I was released, CPS removed our son from my custody. Having our son removed was an instant eye opened for me and I began the process of getting our son home. I tried reaching out to Kevin who was still heavily using anything he could get his hands on. Within a week, the abuse began and he refused to stop using. I left his house and went back to trying to work the CPS program myself and trying to rebuild the life I had torn apart. On October 1st Kevin called, he had ran out of places to run, he had lost his home and his truck would barely make it to work and was over taken by the drugs. He asked if he could come stay at my house for a day or two. On October 2nd, we woke up and headed to church, at the time we lived an hour and a half away from Hamilton, but God was telling me that Living Hope was where we needed to go. It was a miserable drive, we fought the whole time. We arrived for first service and we immediately found peace as we walked through the front doors. Kevin began his recovery at Hope House that same day and surrendered his life to God. A few weeks after he was in the home, I was still attending services at Living Hope Outreach, I felt a strong calling to move to Hamilton. On October 15, 2016 I sold everything I owned, including my home and most of my belongings, and took a leap of faith. Soon after I found a place in Hamilton to rent and have never been more fulfilled by my life. Kevin completed his program and returned home to me. In August of 2017, CPS gave us full custody of our son. When CPS returned him they asked us to be advocates for their program. Kevin and I are almost at our one year sober point and God has done amazing with our family. We are completely devoted to our church and help bring others to Christ. This past month God has shown me so much and the reasons I was lead to this place by Him, He has put me here to help other women who suffer from addiction or suffer from the brokenness that can come from a loved one dealing with an addiction.  God has blessed my family and I beyond measure, there have been challenging times but nothing compares to the times we were living in sin and bondage from addiction. God's love never fails, He can and will restore if we surrender all to Him, and allow him to work in our lives and hearts.

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