Brad Fletcher


At the age of 17, Brad found himself addicted to meth, marijuana,
gambling, and pornography. His addictions were continued and  progressed for many years. By the time he turned 30 his life and the relationships in his life had been completely destroyed by addiction. At the age of 28 , Brad met a man named Ed Chapman, the pastor of Living hope Outreach. Ed hired him as a laborer for his metal building business. Ed became a friend to Brad and began to minister to him. Brad never knew God, but he began to learn about Him ,through Ed. He began to wonder if God really loved him, and if He would in fact set Brad free from his addictions and adopt him as His son. Eventually, Ed opened the Hope House to help guys like Brad. That is where he surrendered his life to God and that is where Brad was when God set him free and gave him a new life in Christ. Brad is now the director of the Hope House. He is going on 4 Years free from addiction, and he is eternally grateful to God for saving him and also to Ed Chapman for letting God Work through him to save his soul. 


Jason Guiterrez

Assistant Director

At the age of 34, Jason's wife, Holly, and him had medical complications after the birth of their first child. That led him into a new world of anger, doubt, and fear. As a new father and husband, his marriage was strained by unforeseen circumstances. Postpartum is such a myriad of confusion and hurt that is based in depression. They had no real answers as to why this happened. With no one to blame, he questioned God. With that mind-set, their situation only got worse. He had nowhere to turn, no hope in site. While at work, a co-worker said he was struggling and offered him crystal meth. It seemed to work for him for a little while. But before he knew it, four years of pain and misery had gone by, destroying his family through addiction. He was at rock bottom, 135 lbs., and an empty shell of a man fighting to stay clean. On the verge of relapse, He saw an old user buddy and he looked strangely high. He said, "Where's it at fat cat." His buddy replied, "I'm clean and high on Jesus." He was caught off guard. Wow! Jesus? As they talked, he told Jason about Ed starting Hope House. He called Ed and entered the program that day. By the grace of God, three and a half years later he is clean and sober and his family is fully restored. He now helps other men gain a relationship with God and get back with their families.