History of Women’s Hope House


It all started when…

Pastor Ed and Christy Chapman, along with the Living Hope Outreach congregation, were called to a mission. They are helping to bring men & women who are bound by the chains of addiction out of bondage by introducing them to Jesus Christ.

Women’s Hope House is a six month program, absolutely free of charge that houses women who truly want freedom from addiction. It is our goal to help women as well as their husbands and children to be free from drugs; and, free from the effects they have on families.

Every women in the house is there of her own free will. Nobody at Hope House is forced or court ordered to be there. Because of this willingness to change, God is making a huge impact in the lives of these women, their families and the community.

Our ministry is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. At this point our goal is to expand. We are able to house 6 women right now.  We are so very blessed to see the awesome results in the lives of these women who are desperate for change.

We pray that God will continue to lead women, who want better lives, to Women’s Hope House.