History of Living Hope Outreach



In March of 2008, four like-minded couple decided to follow God's call to start a church. They began meeting in the living room of one of their house's, under the Pastorate of Ed and Christy Chapman.

Inside of a year, they had outgrown that living room and began meeting in Lee Health Care on the square in Hamilton, TX. They were ever so grateful to Lee for opening their doors to us. They immediately purchased land and began purchasing building materials to build their new church building.

Six months later they  had their first meeting on the empty slab of their new building. They paid as they went, and God provided everything they needed. They were blessed with the money as they needed as well as the workers to build. God showered Living Hope Outreach with blessings from the beginning.

Living Hope Outreach continued to grow, in membership numbers as well as in our relationships with Christ. The church body was united in the vision of being an outreach church who's main prerogative is to help those in need while leading them to the love of Jesus.

From the beginning, each month, the church would find a family in need and help them financially. They would also buy Christmas gifts and school clothes/supplies for children in need.

In the beginning of 2013 Ed Chapman was given a building across town from the church. At that time, they  had no idea what they would do with it. It did not take long for God to give pastor Ed a new vision to reach out to those fighting addictions.

They started having support meetings for addicts in recovery and quickly realized that meetings were just not sufficient help for an addict to stay in recovery.

Through more prayer God brought about the vision of Hope House. In December of 2013, two men showed up at their annual Christmas Banquet broken, alone, and hopeless. That was the beginning of Hope House Hamilton.